Courses Offered

WEB Designing (Duration: 5 Months)

HTML 5.0
          Introduction to the Internet, Creating a Basic Web Page, Features of HTML, New Features in HTML 5.0,
Cascading Style Sheets(CSS)
           Introduction, Web page designing using CSS, Common Properties, Some Common Tags
           Introduction to Dreamweaver, More Features of Dreamweaver
Adobe Photoshop
Defining page setup for web, Understanding file formats for web & Pixels & Resolution, Working with tools, Multiple Images, Rulers, Guides, Grids, layers, Merging Layers, locking layers, Blending modes, opacity & fill, Adjusting Canvas Size & Canvas Rotation, Creating text,applying styles effects, Blending Options, Transforming of images, Creating Web Layout, Creating Web banners
           JavaScript Introduction, Fundamental Programing Structures, Event Handling, Exception Handling, JS Built-in Objects
           Introduction to Jquery, Selectors, Events & Effects (Hide/Show, Fade, Slide, Animate, stop(), Callback, Chaining), Get & Set HTML, Add & Remove CSS Classes, css(), jQuery Dimensions, Traversing & jQuery AJAX
           Intro to PHP, Installation of XAMPP, basic syntax of PHP, create dynamic interactive pages, Fundamental Programming Structures, Security using Cookies & sessions, MDB2 package, regular expressions, Introduction to MySQL, Introduction to Databases, Advance PHP Techniques, Project in PHP

DotNet Visual Studio (Duration: 6 Months).

Introduction to .Net
           .Net Framework and CLR, Introduction to Visual studio
Introduction to C#
           Fundamental Programming Structures, Namespaces
Object Oriented Programming
           Classes and Objects, Constructors, Fundamental of OOP's, Delegates, Exception Handling, Reflections, Indexers, Threading
Graphical User Interface (Win forms)
           Intro to Win forms, Event handling, Toolbox, Custom toolbox controls, User defined controls, Graphic controls, Files and streams, Usage and implementations of controls, Software Development
MSSQL Server
           Intro to databases, Relational database concepts, Structured Query Language, Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers
           Basics of, Connected and Disconnected modes, Programming with, CSS and JavaScript, HTML
           Intro to Web forms, Web Controls, Server Controls, Client Controls, Navigation Controls, Validations, Master Page, State Management Techniques, Caching, AJAX, Web Services, WPF, Silverlight
Project Work
           Development, Unit Testing, Deployment, Documentation

Java Programming (Duration: 6 Months)


1. An Introduction to Java
2. The Java Programming Environment
3. Installing the JDK
4. Compiling and Running Programs
5. Command Line Tools
6. Fundamental Programming Structures in Java
7. Fundamental Features of OOP's
8. Packages
9. Graphics Programming (AWT & Swing)
10. Event Handling
Layout Management
11. Applets
12. JAR Files
13. Exception Handling
14. Streams and Files
15. Working with Java Editor Softwares – (Editplus NetBeans, Eclipse)
16. Java 5, 6, 7, 8 new features
1. Collections
2. Multithreading
3. Networking
4. Enterprise Java Bean
5. Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)
6. Servlets
7. JavaServer Pages (JSP)
8. Remote Method Invocation(RMI)
9. Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA)
10. Introduction Smart Phone Application Development

Microsoft Office 2016 (Duration: 3 Months).

           Information Technology, I/O & Storage Devices, Computer Hardware and Software, Operating System, ACCESSING THE START MENU, Windows Taskbar, MS PAINT & its tools
          Features of MS Word, Typing Text, Basic Functions of Word, Columns, Drop Caps, Picture, Shapes, SmartArt, Screenshot, Create Table, Links, Header & Footers, Page Setup & Printing, Mail Merge, Review Tab, View Tab
          Introducing Excel, Understanding Workbook Structure, Basics Of Data, Managing Workbook Structure, Formatting Cells, Working With Formulas, Working With Graphics & Chart, Hyperlink, Sorting, Filtration And Validation, Macro
          Introduction To Powerpoint, Powerpoint Design Essentials, Changing Backgrounds, Placeholders & Bullets, Adding Headers & Footers, Saving Powerpoint Templates
          Introduction To Internet, Advantages Of Internet, Web Technology, World Wide Web, E-Mail, Web Server And Web Pages, Internet Service Provider, Web Browsers, Downloading & Uploading
Windows 10
          Introduction To Operating System, New Features Introduced in Windows 10

Advance Networking (Duration: 6 Months)

CCNA 200 - 120 (Duration: 1 Month)
1. OSI Model
2. TCP-IP V4, V6
3. Network Management
4. VLANs and Trunks
5. Spanning Tree Protocol
8. Access Control List with Network Address Translate
9. PPP
10. Frame Relay
11. IOS & Device Security

MCSE 2012 (Duration: 2 Months)
1 : MCSE Enterprise Server Administrator Certification Preparation
• Exam 70-410: Installation of Server 2012
• Exam 70-411: Configuration of Server 2012
• Exam 70-412: Advcance Configuration of Server 2012
• Exam 70-413: Infrastructure Configuration of Server 2012
• Exam 70-414: Advance Infrastructure of Server 2012

MCSA 2012 (Duration: 2 Months)

CWNA PWO – 104 Exams (Duration: 1 Month)
     1. Introduction to wireless LAN
     2. Radio Frequency (RF) Fundamentals
     3. Spread Spectrum Technology
     4. Wireless LAN Infrastructure
     5. Wireless LAN Operation
     6. 802.11n Amendment
     7. Basic WLAN Analysis
     8. Antenna and Accessories
     9. Wireless LAN Organization and Standard
     10. 802.11 Network Architecture
     11. MAC and Physical Layer
     12. Troubleshooting wireless LAN Installation
     13. Wireless LAN Security
     14. Site Survey Fundamentals
     1. Installation Wireless LAN Card
     2. Configuration Installation Access Point & Router
     3. DHCP Configuration
     4. Configuration BSS, ESS
     5. Configuration ADHOC Mode IBSS Network
     6. Configuration Infrastructure Network
     7. IP and Mac Address Filtering
     8. WAP, WAP2, 802.1x, AES Security Implementation
     9. Ethernet LAN and Wireless Network Connection

Laptop Repairing Level I (Duration: 1 Month)

1. Dead System      2. No Display      3. Dim Display      4. Freezing Display      5. System Getting Hung      6. Keyboard Control Section Problem     
7. Memory Control Section Problem      8. Audio Not Working      9. USB Port Not Working      10. P22 Port Not Working     
11. CD Drive Control Section Problem      12. Hard Disk Control Section Problem      13. Battery Not Charging      14. D.C Pin Problem     
1. Laptop Motherboard      2. Solving Laptop Power      3. Problems      4. Soldering      5. How To Handle Liquidv      6. Problem Like Spilling Water     
7. In Your Laptop      8. Handling Laptop Keyboard Issues      9. How You Deal With Overheating Laptop      10. Fixing Trochpad Problem     
11. Replacing Broken Laptop Screens    
1. Internal And External Devices      2. Identify All The Parts In A Laptop      3. Fit Laptop Screens      4. Fit Laptop Keyboards     
5. Fit Memory Into Any Laptop      6. Partition & Format The Hard Drive      7. Laptop Bios Setting      8. A Comprehensive FAQ     
9. Clean A Laptop Keyboard To An ‘ As New’ Condition      10. This Litter-Known Technique Can Make You A Ton Of Money Alone     
1. Introduction of an Operating system      2. What is file System? (FAT/NTFS )      3. Data recovery with ne Installation     
4. Virus Cleaning and Updating With new installation      5. Introduction to Bus Cache And MHZ      6. Work with function (Fn) Key     
Connectors Socket Basic Problems
1. Ac Adapter      2. Sound=Soldering tiny sound      3. IC chips in a Laptop Motherboard      4. DC jack/Fuse Replacement      5. Power IC Replacement      6. Controller IC Replacement      7. Replacing Bad IC Components on the motherboard      8. Connectors Socket (Display, battery, DVDROM, Modem, Keypad, Touchpad, On/off Panel etc.)
Identify LCD Panel Problem
1. Replacing Dead/Damage LCD      2. Replacing Dead Inverter & Inverter Cable      3. Replacing Data Cable / Ridden      4. Replacing Toggle Switch     
Laptop Assembling & De-Assembling
1. Technique of Assembling      2. Technique of De-Assembling     
Laptop Battery and Adaptor Repairing
1. Diagnose Battery Problem         2. Checking & Removing old cell from battery      3. Replacing new cell in a battery     
4. Final Checking and Charging technique      5. Diagnose Adaptor problem      6. Working way of a Adaptor Circuit     
7. Dead/Damage component in laptop Adaptor      8. Soldering and De-Soldering adaptor component      9. Adaptor Final Checking     

Laptop Repairing Level II (Duration: 1 Month)

Advance Chip-Level. Laptop Motherboard repair
1. Common Laptop Notebook Chip      2. Power Supply chip      3. IO chip      4. Sound audio chip      5. PC Card Chip      6. Com port chip     
7. Keyboard chip      8. Battery IC      9. Memory control chip      10. Clock IC      11. LCD back light control      12. Other common chipset     
13. Mosfets used      14. Connector socked (display, battery DVD ROM, Modem, keypad,Touchpad, on/of panel etc)     
15. Fault finding and troubleshooting of motherboards      16. Tracing different connectors and socket with related component and chip     
17. Testing and using of different components      18. DC to dc power regulator sections      19. BIOS chips section     
20. Basic cleaning and washing method of motherboard      21. SMD component practice      22. Removal and inserting different components     
23. Use of debug card post error code      24. Finding fault using post debug card      25. Training using BGA soldering station     
26. IC‘s rebelling BGA arrangement, practice      27. Training using solder batch      28. Removing socket &connectors using solder batch     
29. BIOS password      30. Common problems of different motherboards     
IC Chip soldering & disordering
1. Component in a Lap top Motherboard      2. Basic Electronics      3. How to use a Multimeter      4. Soldering & Desoldering Of Motherboard ICS     
5. Transistors, Diode, fuse, Capacitors,VGA chips etc      6. Basic Electronics Soldering &Desoldering Guide      7. SMD Soldering Guide     
8. Surface Mount SolderingTutorials      9. Getting IC chip X onto board Y      10. Trying to reworking with an iron      11. Wonderful hot-air rework     
12. Sneaky tricks for soldering leadless ICS      13. Jumpering on Board/ Circuit     

Hardware A+ (Duration: 1 Month)

1. Introduction to the Personal Computer
2. Safe Lab Procedures and Tool Use
3. Computer Assembly Step-by-Step
4. Basics of Preventive Maintenance and Troubleshooting
5. Fundamental Operating Systems
6. Fundamental Laptops and Portable Devices
7. Fundamental Printers and Scanners
8. Fundamental Networks
9. Fundamental Security
10. Communication Skills
11. Advanced Personal Computers
12. Advanced Operating Systems
13. Advanced Laptops and Portable Devices
14. Advanced Printers and Scanners
15. Advanced Networks
16. Advanced Security

Network + (Duration: 1 Month)

1. Workgroup and Domain Environment
2. Network Communications Methods
3. Network Media and Hardware Components
4. The OSI Model
5. Networking with TCP / IP
6. Diagnostic Utility
7. Local Area Network (LAN) Infrastructure
8. Wide Area Network (WAN) infrastructure
9. Introduction to Wireless Network
10. Network Operating System

CCTV Servillance & Security System (Duration: 1 Month)

1. CCTV Systems: Introduction and uses.
2. CCTV System Schematics & Surveillance Diagrams.
3. Camera types, specifications, Lens types & Scene illumination.
4. Switches, Quads, Multiplexers and control system types andapplications.
5. Monitors and Multiple screen displays & Recording the footages.
6. Cables and connectors.
7. CCTV System Architectures.
8. Connection to other security systems.
9. Office Automation & Access Control Systems.
10. Equipment Datasheets & Operator Targeted Vender Strengths.
1. Digital CCTV Systems Introduction and uses.
2. Core elements of a system.
3. Integrating Analogue with Digital technology.
4. Telemetry systems, IP Controlled Features, setting up presets.
5. CCTV monitoring and control over LAN/ WAN/ Internet.
6. Transmission of video signals using Cable, IP.
7. IP Technology, LAN, WAN and network principles.
8. Integrating CCTV with existing network.
9. Setting up IP/Network solutions.
10. Video Encoders, Video Compression techniques.
1. Sync pulse amplitude.
2. White level iris setting.
3. Peak to peak measurement of video.
4. Color burst.
5. Vertical interval.
6. Termination.
7. Video ground loop problems.
8. Focus problem solving.
9. Camera output impedance.
10. Sync pulse pass/fail test.
11. Line-lock problems.
12. Video lines of definition.
CCTV Qualifications Covered & Market Evaluation
1. NCE Setting up and Programming recording devices.
2. CCTV Standards (BSIA Course), legislative and ethical issues.
3. Australian Level 1: Certified Security Technician, Level 2:Advanced Security Technician.
4. FETAC Accredited Level 5 CCTV / Lighting / IP Installer – Course Code 5N1771.
5. SIA & NICET Accredited VSST Level I Certification.
Hands-On Hardware & Software
1. HK-Vision or Santachi Latest DVR & CCD Cameras.
2. HK-Vision or Santachi PTZ WIFI NVR/DVR Based IP Camera.

Graphic Designing (Duration: 1 Month)

1. Defining page setup for web
2. Understanding file formats for web
3. Understanding Pixels & Resolution
4. Navigating Photoshop
5. Working with tools
6. Working with Multiple Images, Rulers, Guides & Grids
7. Working with layers, Merging Layers, locking layers
8. Blending modes, opacity & fill
9. Adjusting Canvas Size & Canvas Rotation
10. Creating text,applying styles effects
11. Creating web patterns
12. Levels, Curves adjustment
13. Patch tool image correction
14. Enhancing image for web
15. Retouching images
16. Transforming of images
17. Color pallete
18. Using filters for effect (Render, glass, wood texture, emboss)
19. Creating Web Layout
20. Creating Web banners
21. Web Animation in Photoshop
22. Converting Photoshop Layout to HTML in Photoshop
1. Animation concept FPS
2. Understanding animation for web
3. Flash interace
4. Working with tools
5. Creating basic animation frame by frame
6. Creating animation using onion skin
7. Shape animation
8. Understanding fps and timing differnce
9. Understanding and creating symbols for animation
10. Motion tween animation
11. Using rotate, alpha effects in animation
12. Motion guide animaton
13. Understanding movie clips
14. Working with colors pallete
15. Adding sound to animation
16. Adding sound to buttons
17. Importing images from other softwares
18. Creating effective web banners
19. Creating web buttons
20. Creating web advertisement
21. Creating interactive web Presentation